Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dreams ♥


Supplies Needed

PSP – I used X2 but will work in any version
Tube of choice
 Font of choice -FrancineHmk
Mask of Choice WSL_84
I used the beautiful artwork of Suzanne Woolcott 
You can  purchase tubes from Here
Scrap kit Alone FTU by BelVidotti Here

Okay let’s get started

Layers open a new image 600 X 600 (we can resize later)
Copy and Paste paper 12 as a new layer
Layers –New Mask Layer –From Image –Ok
Layers –Merge – Merge Layers.
Copy and paste Element 51 frame resize by 50%.
Image - Mirror- then move up to the right hand side.
With the Magic Wand click inside frame
Selelctions - Modify- Expand by 4
Copy and paste paper 2
Selections – Invert – Delete
Copy and paste your tube resize then hit Delete.
Move paper and tube under frame.
Selections – Select none.
Copy and Paste Element 23 Box frame and resize by 40%
Copy and Paste Element 29 flower and resize by 30%
Duplicate and see above  for placement.
Copy and Paste Element 31 flower and resize by  30%
Copy and paste Element 25 clip and resize by 50%.
Image – Free Rotate – 90 degrees Right.
Copy and Paste Element 21 diamond Teardrop resize by 25%.
Duplicate twice and see above for placement.
Copy and Past Element 16 Butterfly resize by 45% place on the left side above the frame.
Copy and Paste Element 27 resize by 50% place between flowers and frame. See above for placement.

Using font - FrancineKmk  size 72
FG #8f1f3a
BG # 000000
Type Dreams then place above the frame on Left side.
Effects -  Grandient Glow 4.00 # white –thin
Then drop Shadow using 2/2/50/5.

On the left side type this size 36
What was Then
        But not Now
Effects -  Grandient Glow 4.00 # white –thin
Then drop Shadow using 2/2/50/5.
Add the Artist © and your name or watermark. Resize and crop.
Save and your done!

I would love to see your result. Thank you for trying my tutorial.

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